A Clean Seas Partnership

The Marine Litter Task Group was established by the Wales Marine Action and Advisory Group (WMAAG) to develop a Wales Marine Litter Action Plan. The Task Group reported back to the WMAAG meeting in May, with a workshop session on the draft Marine Litter Action Plan.

Subsequent to that meeting the Task Group has further developed the action plan with

  • A telephone survey of local authority lead officers on marine litter (summary attached)

  • A marine litter focused visit to Saundersfoot by the Cabinet Secretary with a stakeholder roundtable to contribute to the action plan

  • Meetings with Visit Wales and Cardiff Council on Year of the Sea and Volvo Ocean Race

  • Contributions to 4 Visit Wales Year of the Sea roadshows for tourism business

  • Task group meeting and conference call to draw on the experience of key partners

The Task Group proposes establishment of a Wales Clean Seas Partnership (click for presentation) as the means of delivering the elements of the marine litter action plan

This proposal is based on:

  • the agreed need to establish a Wales wide brand that can connect and mobilise action across communities, business and the public sector

  • the UN Clean Seas initiative launched in February 2017 as a global initiative o contribute to the achievement of Global Sustainable Development Goal 14

  • the global profile of the Volvo Ocean Race,which promotes the UN Clean Seas initiative. Wales will be hosting the Atlantic leg for two weeks from May 28th, with host countries being expected to undertake marine sustainability legacy initiatives

  • the opportunity to build on the high public profile of marine litter through media coverage eg Sky Ocean Rescue, Blue Planet etc with a Wales wide brand and common message

  • creating a positive message to communicate our commitment to Clean Seas as part of the Visit Wales Year of the Sea 2018.

What will the Clean Seas Partnership involve?

  1. A commitment to take action by making a Wales Clean Seas Pledge – aligned to the UN Clean Seas pledge

  2. Individuals. communities, businesses, public bodies, organisations will be asked to make a clean seas pledge. The pledges will draw on the examples of action from the marine litter action plan and be relevant to the nature of the organisation, with organisations making a public commitment to action and reporting on the impact of the changes made.

  3. Welsh Government will need to make a pledge to initiate the process in line with the expectations of the UN Clean Seas pledge

  4. A 3 year programme of activity initiated as part of the Visit Wales Year of the Sea 2018

How will the Wales Clean Seas Partnership operate?

A revised Marine Litter Task Group will become the Steering Group for the Partnership with remit to include:

  • the development of the communication plan and associated marketing material

  • design of the format for recording and communicating pledges

  • coordination of profile Wales Clean Seas activities eg celebration of 30 years of the Blue Flag beaches; Volunteer Beach Cleans; Plastic Free Coastline initiatives

  • management of Wales Clean Seas web site

  • planning with Volvo Ocean Race / Year of the Sea

  • reporting to WMAAG

The next steps ?

  1. Following WMAAG endorsement on November 15th the proposals are to be submitted to Cabinet Secretary/Minister, including the request to make the lead Clean Seas Pledge

  2. WMAAG members to consider their own pledges and respond to task/steering group

  3. Communications planning meeting of Marine Litter Task Group/ Steering Group for Clean Seas Partnership planned for 2pm Dec 5th in Cardiff arranged through Keep Wales Tidy

  4. Confirm shared resources and additional capacity required to deliver the Clean Seas Partnership

  5. Build the Wales Clean Seas Partnership and associated pledges/activities for launch around the Ocean Summit on June 5th planned as part of the Volvo Ocean Race

Peter Davies

Chair of Wales Marine Action and Advisory Group


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