Recovery thoughts

Like many I have been involved in discussions on the “recovery” plans. Here is a summary of my thoughts

Remember the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act provides the framework for recovery - and avoid reinventing or being side tracked – make the Act work by applying it to all public spend, procurement, grants etc

Restore nature as being central to a resilient recovery – introduce a National Nature Service to create large scale employment opportunities by investing in environmental improvement opportunities

Refocus Public Service Boards – to include private sector on actions to build all aspects of community wealth eg to focus procurement spend to actively encourage and support a growing, diverse and resilient local enterprise base, and to support net zero carbon ambitions. This refocus should also include renaming from being public service boards doing things to citizens to being action groups to growing community capital & enabling community action.

Recharge town and community councils– put greater resource and responsibility on remit of local community councils to involve communities in delivering purposeful places. Introduce a fund to match the precept if the Council can demonstrate a green recovery action plan based on community engagement and delivering against wellbeing goals.

Recognise & support the role of community anchor organisations/partnerships which are critical in building local resilience, involving citizens, enabling social enterprise and ensuring that community led plans direct future funding to ensure a community led recovery

Reward, incentivise and attract businesses – that can demonstrate their contribution to achieving the wellbeing goals with clear business plan targets and reporting through incorporating requirements in procurement practice and for any public investment

Reinforce our capacity to cope with the impacts of climate change through significant investment in nature based flood prevention and not rely on concrete and steel solutions

Refit buildings so they are fit for a low carbon future as an economic engine delivering warm low carbon homes utilising the community sector to give trusted advice and develops a local installer network so there is accountability for work done, using trusted local suppliers

Renew our energy systems to ensure more local ownership in a distributed supply system of renewable energy giving a key role to public authorities eg all public bodies should make suitable roof spaces available for solar

Restart the equivalent of a Climate Change Commission to secure cross sector leadership, collaboration at a senior level to lead the transition to net zero

Recalibrate how we measure progress by using the indicators that underpin our wellbeing goals and align budget spend to ensure there is an economy that delivers our wellbeing goals. Make the annual publication of the national Wellbeing Report the major set piece report to promote debate on progress. Align budget expenditure to priorities identified through the report.

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